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About Zhejiang BaoShiJia Valve Company

Zhejiang Baoshijia Valve Company are designer,manufacturer of industrial valve.The product are according to API,DIN,JIS,GB,KC etc Stardard.

Industries serviced include oil refining, chemical processing, power, commercial and military shipbuilding, pulp and paper, mining and pharmaceutical processes.

For the past years we've provided our customers with exceptional customer service and quality products, such as:


Stainless Steel/Cast Steel/Forged Steel Valves

Gate Valves

•Gate Valves (Rising Stem)

•Cryogenic Gate Valves 150lb, 300lb & 600lb

Globe Valves

•Globe Valves

•Cryogenic Globe Valves 150lb, 300lb & 600lb

Check Valves

•Swing/Lift Check Valves

•Swing Check/Lift Valves 150lb, 300lb & 600lb

Ball Valves

•Flanged Ball Valve

•Floating Ball Valve

•Fixed Ball Valve


•Stainless Steel Strainer


We are committed to meeting the fastest delivery, continuously improving the effectiveness of our products and application engineering to meet all our customer's needs with our extensive inventory and expert sales team.

Technical Support: Lianke